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Oriental Beauty

This world famous Oolong tea is also called “White-tip Oolong Tea”, or Pom-Fong Tea. It is full of delicate, soft autumn flavours that springs from a higher degree of fermentation. Although more mature in fermentation, the tea has a natural fruity honey aroma that gives it a sweet taste and a bright red/orange colour. It has a moderate caffeine level and is best enjoyed in the morning or the afternoon. Our Oriental Beauty Tea is organically grown at the Sun Moon Tea plantation in Nantou province in central Taiwan.


Method of brewing:

Oolong tea Using unglazed tea pot, cup or glass. Water temperature:  80-100 degrees Celsius. Use 1 teaspoon/cup, steep for 30 seconds - 3 minutes. Can be steeped 2 – 4 times.  Green teas are unoxidized and delicate, using too hot water ( >80 degrees) or letting it steep for too long can ‘overcook’ the leaves thus bringing out a bitter and unrefined taste.