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Ti Kuan Yin - Iron Buddha Tea

Ti Kuan Yin is a rich and strong Oolong tea, this is due to the oxidization process which has been brought further compared to lighter Oolong teas. Ti Kuan Yin is a classic in the tea-world and is regarded as an optimal brewage for certain kinds of food, such as Dim Sum. Since it has a more mature taste, it is usually most popular during the winter season.
Ti Kuan Yin is produced in the northern provinces of Taiwan.

Method of brewing:

Oolong tea Using unglazed tea pot, cup or glass. Water temperature: 80-100 degrees Celsius. Use 1 teaspoon/cup, steep for 30 seconds - 3 minutes. Can be steeped 2 – 4 times. Green teas are unoxidized and delicate, using too hot water ( >80 degrees) or letting it steep for too long can ‘overcook’ the leaves thus bringing out a bitter and unrefined taste.