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Four Season Oolong Tea

The Four Season tea is the perfect tea for everyday drinking. This tea is harvested on early bud plants, at a time when other kinds of teas still have a long time until harvest. It is picked throughout the year, and depending on each season, it will have different taste and qualities. It can be brewed several times without loosing any taste.

Method of brewing:

Oolong tea Using unglazed tea pot, cup or glass. Water temperature: 80-100 degrees Celsius. Use 1 teaspoon/cup, steep for 30 seconds - 3 minutes. Can be steeped 2 – 4 times. Green teas are unoxidized and delicate, using too hot water ( >80 degrees) or letting it steep for too long can ‘overcook’ the leaves thus bringing out a bitter and unrefined taste.